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Lessons & Transcriptions

Joe Pass - For Django transcription

Last year I set myself the task of transcribing every note Joe Pass plays on his 1962 album 'For Django,' which has long been one of my absolute favourites. I'm presenting it here for you to download in TAB and standard notation. This was a huge amount of work!

If you like what you see, I ask you to consider a suggested Paypal donation of $15 to support my efforts. 

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Jazz Guitar Backing Tracks Vol 1.

An hour and 20 minutes of guitar accompaniment for you to play along with. There's a ton of Midi based apps these days to jam along with, and as practice tools they can be incredibly useful, but one thing they can't do is replicate the feel and unpredictability of playing with another musician. I've recorded these 20 accompaniments for you to jam along with in a variety of tempos and feels. This first volume is a collection of essential tunes that every jazz musician should know, and a couple of others that you might not have played before. 

All the Things You Are, Autumn Leaves, Beautiful Love, Blue Bossa, Bb Blues, F Blues, Body and Soul, Cherokee, Chi Chi, I Can't Give You Anything But Love, Manha de Carnival, Cm Minor Blues, Rhythm Changes, September in the Rain, So Danco Samba, Someday My Prince Will Come, Stella, Summertime, Tea for Two and Tenderly.

Visit the Shop to purchase. 

The Art of Accompaniment for Jazz Guitar

One thing that we can always work on is our skill as an accompanist.


In this comprehensive book, I help you develop skills such as walking basslines, 4 to the bar, Intros, endings, inner lines, pianistic devices, and more. Over 100 pages of music, with audio for each and every example.

Be the guitarist that every singer, horn player, and other guitar wants to play with by being a great accompanist. 

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A Jazz Guitar Phrasebook

A book of bop and contemporary jazz licks and lines. 100 licks to play on major and minor ii-V-Is, Turnarounds, 13b9 chords and modal vamps.


With audio examples for each lick! Jazz is a language, and this book will help you develop your fluency and chops! 

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7 string Solo Jazz Guitar Arrangements

A short collection of 6 solo jazz guitar arrangments for 7 string guitar with a low A. These can easily be adapted for 6 string. The tunes are A Nightingsle Sang in Berkley Sq, Autumn in New York, Autumn Leaves, In the Bleak Midwinter, and three tunes by T. Monk that are great fun to play, Monk's Mood, Pannonica and Ugly Beauty. There's also a short intro to playing 7 string.  Visit the Shop for more info.

Other Solo transcriptions

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